Marcos' Story: A Move in the Right Direction

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Marcos had a vision for his future. He had always worked in furniture stores, but he wanted to get an education and have a more fulfilling career. Although he enjoyed his work environment, he wanted to be able to support his family better. As soon as he was able to, he started working on getting more education by attending the local university.

However, as he and his family discussed their future plans, they decided they needed a change in their lives. They felt they might have more job opportunities and be more successful if they moved to Campinas. So their family made the move.

When his family moved, he immediately sought help from the employment resource center. He quickly found a job in a furniture store through the center’s contacts and started working to support his family.

However, he felt that this job opportunity wasn’t working out as well for his family as he hoped it would. He was working late into the evenings and felt he didn’t have enough time to be with his family. He also had to work on Sundays, which did not allow him to spend much time on his Church calling. Since he had been studying history at the university when he moved, he deferred his enrollment, hoping he would be able to continue studying in Campinas. However, his work schedule wouldn’t allow him to continue his degree at the university. Overall, he didn’t feel like this job was helping him progress. As he and his family pondered about the best solution for them, they decided he needed to look for a new job.

He started going to the employment resource center again and took the Career Workshop. He learned about different job possibilities and careers. He had always thought he would just stick with working in a furniture store until he graduated from the university, but he began to realize many opportunities were available.

“I remember when President Hinckley talked about employment services and the Perpetual Education Fund,” Marcos said. “He said these programs were established to change people’s lives. He didn’t say they were just going to try, but that they were actually going to change people’s lives. No matter who or where you are, you should believe in this promise and seek out these resources. Seek help from people that not only have the training and skills to help you, but the Spirit as well.”

While Marcos was working with the employment resource center, the bishop of his ward asked him to complete a course in fire safety training in order for their ward to comply with the city’s fire safety ordinances.

Although Marcos thought it was just a simple request, he was obedient and completed the course along with a few other members of the ward. When he took the course, he had no idea how his fire safety certification would change his life.

Soon after the class, Marcos learned through the employment resource center about a job opening for a door attendant and security guard at a local company.

“I went in to interview for the open position, and during the interview I applied all the techniques I’d learned in the Career Workshop,” Marcos said. “I was approved to work as a door attendant and security guard.”

But then something unexpected happened. The interviewer asked Marcos if he knew anyone that had fire safety training. Marcos told him about the training he’d gone through with the Church. The interviewer was impressed and asked several more questions.

Then the interviewer said, “I’m not going to give you a job as a door attendant. I’m going to hire you as a firefighter.”

Marcos was surprised. He explained that he didn’t have firefighting training, but the interviewer said the company would pay for him to be trained.

“It’s a better job, and it’s almost double the salary,” Marcos said. “I shared this opportunity with others, and I had the opportunity to get a job for other members of the Church. There are now eight members employed with the company, including two others who are being trained as firefighters because of the training they got at church.”

Marcos said he learned several wonderful things from this experience. He learned to listen to the Spirit’s direction, to seek help from other members, and to be obedient.

“The bishop asked me to do the training, and I just thought I’d do it to help him with the document,” he said. “But in reality, I wasn't there just for that. I was there because the Lord wanted me to be trained as a firefighter. Before that, I never imagined I would be a firefighter.”

But that isn’t the end of Marcos’ story. He is going back to school to finish his degree in history and plans to teach the subject one day. He also hopes to become a researcher and consultant. For him, the search to improve is never over.

“We all want a success story,” Marcos said. “But it’s not going to come and knock on our door. We have to open the door and go after it. We have to search with the help of the Lord. We have so many possibilities to not only have one success story, but many.”


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