Terry's Story: Gaining Confidence with the Accelerated Job Search

At LDS Employment Resource Services (LDS Jobs), we'll help you become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.

With decades of industry experience and expertise, Terry was having a difficult time as he began his job search. He quickly realized that he needed help to develop his network and hone his job search skills.

Terry and his wife decided to relocate to be with his mother who was recently widowed. Terry’s wife quickly received a job transfer with her existing company, but Terry needed to exit the business he was a part of to make the move.

When he arrived in his new area, his first priority was to find a job. After 30 days and no interviews, Terry was discouraged. At first he was shocked because he was used to opportunities coming to him. Then, realizing the playing field had changed, he began to lose confidence.

After visiting the Employment Resource Center, they recommended he join the Accelerated Job Search (AJS) program. As he waited for an open seat, he attended the career workshop and resume workshop. Both were important to his success in the AJS program.

“Wearing a shirt and tie became my routine every day,” Terry said of his experience in the AJS program. “Everyone in the AJS group helped each other as we experienced challenging and rewarding days.”

Terry learned the art of the interview and was trained on best practices for making an impression on the interviewer. He learned the value of networking and how to develop his network of people through the 15-10-2 job search approach. The spiritual strength the program provided was helpful in combating the pain of being unemployed and stimulated enthusiasm to continue practicing what he was learning.

“The daily application of the principles we were taught in the program boosted my confidence,” Terry said. “I felt like I had what I needed to find a great job.”

Terry utilized the tools from AJS to focus on a desired job. He scheduled an informational interview with a newly hired general manager at the company he was hoping to join, not knowing  if there were any openings available at that time. Because he was so polished through his daily practice at AJS, he impressed the general manager and was offered a position at the company.

It was Terry’s self-assurance  in that informational interview which tipped the scale for the general manager. Terry attributes his newly found confidence to the help he received from the people within the AJS program. Now, Terry is committed to expanding his network and keeping the principles learned in AJS a part of his everyday work life.


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