Considering Starting a Business?

At LDS Employment Resource Services (LDS Jobs), we'll help you become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.

Are you thinking about starting your own business but not sure where to start? Wondering if you have the skills to make it work? Employment Resource Services or a Self-Reliance Center can help you find the resources you are looking for to help you start your own small business. 

The following are common concerns and suggestions for those who are looking to start a business:

Is Self-Employment The Right Decision For Me?

You may be considering self-employment for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons may be that you have a business idea you are excited about, you want to work from home, you lost your job, or you are unable to find work. Whatever your motivation for starting your own business, you may be wondering if self-employment is the right choice for you. Here are some things about self-employment to consider.

How Do I Turn My Ideas Into A Business?

Turning your ideas into a business can be a big step. You may be wondering where to get started and how to figure out all of the details. As you are considering all that you need to do in order to turn your ideas into a business, consider these questions and tools to success.

Starting a business can be an expensive and time-consuming venture. A common error in starting a new business is to start it too big. Starting small can increase your chances of success. 

How Can I Ensure That My Business Will Succeed?

You will soon find that in owning your own business, your work is never done. Once you have your business up and running, you will want to continue working on improving and strengthening it. There are a few things you can do to ensure that your business will be successful and continue to grow. 


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