Anabelle's Story: Finding a Career Fit

At LDS Employment Resource Services (LDS Jobs), we'll help you become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.

Working for ten years in cleaning was not exactly the dream Anabelle Flores Garcia had in mind. She was a contracted custodian for the chapels in her area, and although she liked her job and appreciated the opportunity to work for the Church, she was looking for something different. She had training as a secretary and hoped to someday work in an office. But she didn’t want to change jobs for fear she wouldn’t get a new one.

Then she heard about Employment Resource Services and decided to see what they could do to help her in her career goal. When Anabelle went to the Costa Rica center, Sister Espinosa, a missionary at the center, took Anabelle under her wing. Sister Espinosa worked with Anabelle to create a résumé and understand how to organize it effectively. She helped Anabelle sign up for the Career Workshop and worked with Anabelle until she felt confident in her own abilities. Anabelle learned how to define her life experiences in words so she could introduce her skills in an interview.

Elder and Sister Morales, also employment center missionaries, helped Anabelle with job searching. Every time she went to the center, they were there to help her and excited to update her on job opportunities. And the employment center director notified her of new resources and training opportunities in the area. She felt enveloped by love and concern by everyone she interacted with at the center.

Now Anabelle gives advice to everyone: go to the Employment Resource Center. She said it’s not just for people who are looking for jobs, but for anyone. The classes can teach even experienced people better job skills and more information about businesses. She found the Career Workshop and the Self-Employment Workshop to be extremely helpful in her learning more about what she wanted to do with her life.

“As soon as I attended the training and went to the Employment Resource Center, they made me excited again,” Anabelle said. “Before, I was discouraged, but after going to the center, I changed completely and I was more excited. I thought, ‘This is good.’”

Anabelle’s experience did bring about a career change. She discovered what she really wanted to be doing and how she could contribute with the skills she already had. Now she works part-time with her sister in her sister’s bakery. The skills she learned in the self-employment workshop help Anabelle daily as she and her sister learn a little more about how they can make the business profitable and successful. And working part-time allows her to spend more time with her family and still accomplish her other goals.

Anabelle is not only grateful to be working, but she’s grateful to be a member of a Church that helps its members determine their career goals and succeed in life. 


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