Finding the Right Opportunities

At LDS Employment Resource Services (LDS Jobs), we'll help you become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.

Francisco was raised in a very poor family. His parents were divorced when he was very young and as his mother tried to raise her children alone, the family passed through difficult times. Francisco often noticed they didn’t have the things other people had. Even basic things like food were scarce.

When he was 14, he was introduced to the gospel and joined the Church. Francisco never imagined the opportunities that would come to him from being a member of the Church. He grew up going to seminary and institute and served a full-time mission for the Church. After returning home, he was married in the temple and he and his wife had three children.

As he worked to provide for his family, he started working in sales. Gradually, he started noticing that even though he was working many long hours, he was still struggling to support his family. But because of his family situation growing up, his opportunities for education and growth had been very limited. He didn’t think he could get a better job with the skills he had. When he realized the resources the Church had to help him, he started to gain a vision of how his future could change. Francisco sought help from the Church’s employment resource services and started preparing for a career change.

“Through the Employment Resource Center I learned that ‘If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear’ (D&C 38: 30),” Francisco said.

He took workshops through the employment center and the employment missionaries helped him find and sign up for a technical course to improve his business and personal skills. He took another class to learn more about sales because he felt with the interpersonal skills he developed on his mission he could work effectively with other people. After taking these classes and being mentored by employment center missionaries, Francisco was ready to begin searching for another job.

One employment center missionary contacted a sales company that had a job opening and found out some information about the job for Francisco. He felt qualified to work there because the classes he had taken had dramatically improved his skills, so he applied for the job. With his new experience, he was quickly offered a position.

Francisco is grateful every day for the skills and knowledge he gained from the employment center.

“They helped me get a better education and therefore get a better job,” he said.

Enriching his education and seeking to improve his skills helped him in many other ways as well.

“Through the employment center, I learned some basic knowledge to apply in my personal life, how to develop myself, and I also had the opportunity to learn professionalism,” Francisco said.

Now, Francisco has three main focuses in life. The most important is having more time to spend with his family. Another is having more time to dedicate to Church obligations and other service opportunities. But in order to fulfill these, his third focus is having a job that gives him that precious time and helps him earn a decent salary to be able to support his family. The things that Francisco never thought possible before are possible now.

“It doesn’t matter what our life was like before,” Francisco said. “If we learn how to develop as human beings, we have the opportunity [to grow] and the employment center gave me this opportunity.”


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