Heather's Story: Following Heavenly Father's Plan

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When Heather graduated from college she was optimistic about the future. With a degree in professional and technical writing and experience working as a peer editor and an intern for the university’s book publisher, Heather was eager to find a career where she could put her education to good use.

After moving back to her hometown, Heather’s job search began. She diligently checked for openings on several websites, and she regularly looked for jobs in the newspaper classifieds. But after applying for several positions with no success, she settled for doing office work for a company she had worked for in high school. Meanwhile she continued to look for a job in her field of study.

“I was discouraged,” Heather said. “I had just spent five years and good money on a quality education, and here I was, living at home and doing the same job I had done at age 18.”

Despite her discouragement, Heather knew that God had a plan for her life, and she prayed to find the career opportunity He wanted her to pursue. Her prayers were answered in more ways than one when she was offered an internship with LDS Employment Resource Services in Salt Lake City.

Heather began her internship and used her skills to write material aimed at helping people who, just like her, were struggling to find work. As part of her research, her supervisor encouraged her to attend a career workshop at the employment resource center in Centerville, Utah.

At the workshop, Heather learned not only how to help others in their job search, but also how to help herself. She learned that through networking, preparing power statements, and a “Me in 30 Seconds” statement, she could have more success as she began her job search again at the close of her internship.

“It was hard admitting I had made mistakes with my past job search,” she said. “Before, I was mainly counting on impressing people with my portfolio, but the trouble was finding people and getting them to notice me enough to look at the work I could do. This second time, I was determined to have a detailed plan and keep a careful record of my job searching efforts. I decided I was not going to sit back and wait for a job to come to me.”

Heather began her second job search with a new perspective and a new approach. She began networking with people at work and whoever else could help her find job leads. She asked for recommendation letters and practiced her power statements to prepare for job interviews. And when she experienced obstacles, she turned to the Lord for support.

“I reminded myself that Heavenly Father had helped me to find a great internship when I prayed for help before,” she said. “This time I was doing everything I could to get a job, and I prayed with the mindset of ‘Thy will be done.’ ”

Once again, her faith was rewarded. Heather discovered an opening with a software company looking for an administrative assistant. She was hired that same month and is now using her degree doing web writing for the company. She feels at peace knowing that this is where she is supposed to be.

“We need to remember that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us individually,” Heather said. “It is all about us taking the initiative to ask for help and being humble enough to accept it.”


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