Eddy's Story: He Followed His Bishop’s Counsel

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Eddy was sitting in an elders quorum class when the teacher announced that if anyone was out of work or looking for a new job, they should meet with the bishop. Eddy had been unemployed after his company shut down due to the poor economy in the Dominican Republic. He was discouraged and had no idea what he could do to improve his situation. His family was struggling financially, and he was struggling emotionally, feeling he was not competent enough to provide for his own family.

But the suggestion to meet with the bishop offered Eddy some hope.

He met with his bishop and talked about his situation and what he was going through. His bishop counseled him to go to the local employment resource center to utilize the Church’s resources. The bishop suggested Eddy serve as a volunteer there until he found a job. Then his bishop gave him a priesthood blessing to help Eddy succeed in finding employment. The next day, Eddy went to the employment resource center.

“I barely even had bus fare, but my faith was more than all of the difficulties that overwhelmed me,” Eddy said.

When Eddy went to the center, he began taking advantage of all the resources available and started volunteering his time to help others in similar situations.

After a time, Eddy became the volunteer coordinator. He learned how to manage large groups of people and how to train others. He also learned how to teach the Career Workshop. While he was there, he successfully helped many people improve their interviewing, networking, and writing skills.

One of the workshops—the self-employment workshop—helped Eddy drastically. He learned about starting his own business and how to make it succeed.

Soon after, Eddy started two different businesses to help provide for his family. He now owns a small catalog-based business selling beauty, hygiene, and home products. He also owns another small business selling pay-as-you-go cell phone minutes. In addition, he also found a job in an education center teaching computer science.

“Without the help of the employment resource center,” Eddy said, “it would have been very difficult to have success.”

Even with his many time commitments, Eddy still continues to volunteer at the employment resource center three days a week so he can teach the Career Workshop.

“My life has changed significantly, due to the steady progress I have had,” he said. “I am thankful for my bishop’s recommendation. I urge everyone to be diligent and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to always follow the counsel of the bishop.”


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