Francisco's Story: Honesty Gave Him More Opportunities

At LDS Employment Resource Services (LDS Jobs), we'll help you become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.

Francisco takes the Career Workshop once a year. He doesn’t take it because he’s unemployed, but rather because he wants to stay employed. By taking the workshop, he learns how to be a better employee and what skills employers are currently looking for. He also keeps his networking skills and strategies sharp and knows how to present himself. And perhaps the most important thing is that he gains confidence and knows how to negotiate.

After returning from his mission Francisco married, and he and his wife began raising their family. He worked in several different jobs, but after a few years he decided he needed to go back to school so he could qualify for a better job to support his family. He got a loan from the Perpetual Education Fund and started a technical course that lasted a year and a half. After finishing the course, his life completely changed.

“After the course, I put the two things together—the things I learned from the employment resource center and the technical course skills,” he said. “Since then, I haven’t had problems with unemployment.”

In fact, his opportunities have continued to grow. In each of his last three jobs, after reaching a certain point in his progression, he discussed his situation with his bosses. He told them he needed to leave and look for a new job. Each time he’s done that, his bosses have been so impressed with his honesty that they’ve told him if his new employment didn’t work out, he was welcome to come back and work for their company.

“I just put into practice the things the center taught me, and it really worked,” he said. “I was taught to be as honest as possible.”

With his current job, he went through an intensive interview process where many applicants had applied for only one position. The interviewers wanted to know everything about him to see if he really knew what he was doing.

“I only talked about what I knew how to do,” he said. “It doesn’t help if you say you know how to do something and then get hired and can’t do it.”

Francisco didn’t lie or leave anything out about his knowledge and skills, and because of his honesty, the company chose him for the job.

Today, Francisco works for an international company and has paid off his Perpetual Education Fund loan. He even applied for and began studying in a local university to further his education. But Francisco has many people to credit his success to.

“My wife motivated me a lot to recognize the talent I had to negotiate and speak the truth,” he said. “She is close to me, has the knowledge to help me, and motivates me to seek something better.”

And of course he credits the help he received from the employment resource center.

“The way the Lord provides is inspired,” he said. “It’s not just an employment agency, but a way to help. Just like the Lord told Nephi to go and look for iron. He didn’t tell him to go and build a ship right off, but instead to go get tools first and then build.”

Francisco has used those tools every day to build himself a better future.


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