Darren's Story: Learning to Live a Balanced Life

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After determining that his current employment didn’t quite align with his personal goals, Darren felt it was time for him to leave his job as director of admissions at a local college.

Initially, Darren was confident that he would quickly find another career because of his résumé, two master’s degrees, and years of professional experience. But his job search extended longer than he had expected. To sustain his family in the short term, Darren began working for a neighbor at a local factory. During this time, he continued searching for a better job more fit for his qualifications.

In his previous employment, Darren had been working seven days a week with little time left over for his family. He said he felt a lack of balance between his work and other important aspects in his life.

Despite being inactive in the Church for many years, Darren sought the support and counsel of his bishop shortly after leaving his job. His bishop suggested Darren seek help at the LDS employment center. Darren followed his bishop’s counsel and began visiting the employment center almost every day. He took advantage of the two-day Career Workshop and other useful services offered by the center’s staff. He soon realized that what he was learning was a proven system for finding a job.

Darren hadn’t been required to interview for many of the positions he had previously worked in. However, he knew he would be faced with many potential interviews if he wanted better employment. The Career Workshop helped Darren practice his job interview skills. He honed his “Me in 30 Seconds” and power statements to improve his chances for a solid and confident interview.

After completing the Career Workshop, Darren became involved in the Accelerated Job Search (AJS) program. Prior to AJS, he had applied online for 120 jobs without receiving a single response—which is a fairly typical experience for those who rely solely on the Internet for their job search. Through the AJS program, Darren was able to seek out more resources than he had been able to access while searching for a job on his own.

AJS helped provide a structure for Darren’s job search because it required him to arrive at the employment center every day at 8:00 a.m. The 15-10-2 technique taught him the importance of setting daily goals and scheduling activities to meet those goals.

“If you don’t have a goal, then by the end of the day you haven’t accomplished anything,” Darren said.

Darren learned the importance of networking as he connected with other job seekers on a daily basis. He was excited when another job seeker in the AJS program passed along Darren’s information to one of his contacts. He then gave Darren the number to an employer who was expecting Darren’s call. After making the first call and going through the hiring process, Darren was offered the job within a couple of weeks.

Darren’s new job now allows him to spend more time with his family. Through frequent interaction with the missionaries and other members at the employment center, Darren gained a renewed desire to attend church again. Because he listened to the inspired counsel of his bishop to seek the resources at the employment center, Darren not only found a new job, but he also found a better balance between his work, the gospel, and his family.


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