Alba's Story: Motivation to Reach Higher

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Alba Luz kept wondering what she was doing wrong. She had administrative training skills and good work experience. However, when she took her résumé to organizations with job openings, no one called her back. Many times she wondered why nothing was happening. She kept asking herself what she could do better so that she could get a job. She was discouraged and didn’t know how to improve her job search.

She met with her stake employment specialist who helped motivate her to continue trying everything necessary to get a job. Many of her friends who had used the Church’s Employment Resource Services counseled her to go to the employment resource center for help.

With some encouragement, an exercise of faith, and hope in the future, she took the opportunity to go to her employment resource center and sign up for a workshop.

“Even though I was unemployed and wasn’t doing very well personally and the economy was not very good either at that time, I knew the Lord had an answer for me and that I shouldn’t despair,” Alba Luz said.

Her motivation only increased after attending the Career Workshop. She learned how to act in an interview, how to make her résumé stand out from other applicants’, and how to be confident in herself.

The employment center director and missionaries counseled her to take a six-month accounting class so she could improve her qualifications and get a better job. She signed up for the class and started studying every single day.

After completing the course, she began her job search. She realized the great help the center was providing for other people, and while she was job searching, she volunteered at the center along with her stake employment specialist. As she volunteered, she gained a better understanding of how to most effectively search for jobs.

As she and her stake employment specialist volunteered together, her specialist helped her in job searching and filling out applications. Two weeks after Alba Luz began her job search, a company she had applied with called her in for an interview. Her specialist not only helped her by explaining to her how to get to the interview, but also encouraged her to do her best. When Alba Luz went in for the interview, the company offered her a job as an administrative accountant for a telecommunications company.

 “The Church resources are effective,” she said. “Take advantage of them.”


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