Trent and Iuliana's Story: Moving from Moldova

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Trent and Iuliana met in Chicago, U.S., while she was studying abroad as a student from Moldova, an Eastern European country. She had come to the United States on a scholarship that required her to return to her native country for at least two years once she finished her classes. After Trent and Iuliana married, they moved to Chișinău, Moldova, for two and a half years. While they were there, Iuliana attended law school and worked as an independent legal consultant and with a business consulting firm. Trent worked for the Church and an international business organization. He also learned Romanian and some Russian.

When Trent and Iuliana moved back to Chicago, they both began looking for work. They knew that the employment situation at the time was meager, but they hoped for the best. Trent started his job search with some good job leads, but they did not work out.

Within the first couple of weeks of returning to the U.S., Trent’s father, Gary, encouraged them to attend the Career Workshop. Trent was amazed at the difference a little instruction made in improving his résumé. He learned that he needed to focus his résumé on the skills and experience that potential employers were looking for.

“I was just putting down whatever I had experience in and hoping that they would see something, some sort of potential, in me,” Trent said. “Instead, I needed to just give them a few good things about myself.”

In addition to learning about résumé writing, Trent also learned about networking. After the workshop, Trent talked to one of his father’s former co-workers and learned more about how he could put his language skills and sales experience to use. She helped him identify a company that would potentially be a good fit for him. After talking to her, Trent felt optimistic about his job search.

“She helped me feel like what I have to offer as an employee is valuable and that I can use my skills and knowledge to make a meaningful contribution,” Trent said.

With his newfound direction, Trent networked with his ward members and learned about a job opening at a company he was interested in. In addition to identifying a job opportunity, his ward member helped him prepare for the job interview.

“I got the job on my wife’s birthday,” Trent said. “She said it was the best present possible.”

After job hunting for nearly six months, Trent and Iuliana were grateful that Trent found work.

“We both felt very humbled and grateful because we recognized it as an enormous blessing and answer to our prayers,” Trent said.


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