Perpetual Education Fund

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The Church established the Perpetual Education Fund (PEF) to assist young Church members in paying for school so they can improve their employment and bless their families, the Church, and their communities. The program allows individuals to dream about their potential, plan their career, and achieve their goals. Church leaders, institute or seminary directors, and employment center staff can help individuals through the application and loan process.

According to circumstances and plans, applicants can receive two- to four-year loans to pay for school tuition, books, and fees. Most people receive loans for courses at technical schools.

Who Can Qualify for a Loan?

Young men and women who are married or single, usually between the ages of 18 and 30, can apply for a loan. Applicants must be active in the Church and enrolled in an institute of religion. They must be working, attending school, and living in an area where the PEF program is approved. Currently, the program is in Latin America, the Caribbean, southeast Africa, and the Philippines. The program will be extended to other areas as soon as possible. Applicants must also be lacking the financial resources they need to pay for their schooling.

Process for obtaining a PEF loan:

  • Obtain a priesthood leader endorsement.
  • Fill out the PEF Loan Application (online at (Applicants can talk to their priesthood leader, seminary or institute director, or employment center staff if they need help filling out the application.)
  • Self-Reliance Services will review the application and e-mail the applicant any questions.
  • The PEF loan committee will review and approve the loan online.
  • Complete a loan interview.

Once you have the loan:

  • Attend school; complete an internship or apprenticeship if possible. Renew the loan yearly if necessary.
  • Keep all commitments, including full and timely loan repayments.
  • Graduate and obtain better work; serve family, Church, and community.

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