Ivon's Story: Relying on the Resources of the Church

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Ivon Brenes wasn’t out of work long before she found a new job. But it was mainly due to her ability to quickly assess her needs and use the right resources. Shortly after becoming unemployed, she sought help from her church leaders.

“As a member of the Church, I have a testimony that when the Lord puts resources here among the members, [they’re] for the members to use,” Ivon said.

Although she was a little discouraged in the beginning, her family and ward members gave her hope and didn’t let her get down. She was referred to Employment Resource Services, and when she called the center director, he invited her to come in and attend the Career Workshop.

Even though Ivon felt confident in her capabilities and was enthusiastic about her opportunities, she found it hard to express herself. When she attended the Career Workshop, she learned about power statements and how she could talk about her accomplishments in an interview.

She learned how to explain that she could do whatever was required of her with the skills she already had, and that she could develop talents in any area. She learned to present herself positively and show that she would be capable of any assignment.

Ivon realized that even though she didn’t have much work experience, she just had to believe in herself and realize that she could be successful in any position she applied for.

The Costa Rica Employment Resource Center director also helped Ivon gain a new outlook on her life. She came to understand that Heavenly Father had a purpose for her life.

She found strength from the scriptures as she read, “I, the Lord, stretched out the heavens, and built the earth, my very handiwork; and all things therein are mine. And it is my purpose to provide for my saints, for all things are mine” (D&C 104:14–15).

Ivon realized and that if she could recognize her worth as a daughter of God and trust in Him, even in her job search, she would receive blessings.

After finishing the workshop, the center director set up an interview for Ivon with a local company. She interviewed one day, was called back the next for another interview, and was offered a job the day after that. Ivon now works in a collections and consulting agency. Not only is she working in a job she enjoys more than her previous job, she also learned how valuable it was to seek help from the resources available in the Church.

“I know that the employment center is a resource for the Latter-day Saints and that Heavenly Father is the one who gives us these means for help in times of crisis,” Ivon said.


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