Ben's Story: Resolving in the Lord’s Way

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Ben lost his job the day after Thanksgiving. “I found out on Monday of that week that Friday would be my last day,” Ben said. “I had a family of six kids, and it was just before Christmas.”

Even with his responsibilities to provide for his family and it being in the middle of the holiday season, Ben still had a positive attitude about his situation.

“I felt pretty positive at first,” Ben said. He thought to himself, “The economy is kind of in the tank right now. There’s probably going to be more job layoffs here in the future. I’m getting a head start on this.”

He began his job searching efforts by applying for 10 jobs a day; however, as time passed and he was not finding work, he applied for fewer jobs until it dwindled down to 2 jobs a week. He was only finding jobs that were either 100 percent commission or paid less than he was getting in unemployment benefits.

“It was really discouraging,” Ben said. “You get placed in a situation like this, and it’s how you come out in the end that defines who you are.”

One day, after more than six months of searching for work, Ben was reading to his children from the Book of Mormon. They were reading about how Nephi and his brothers returned to Jerusalem to get the plates. Nephi and his brothers tried to obtain the brass plates from Laban a couple of times before they were successful.

“As I was reading this with my kids,” Ben said, “it began to dawn on me that I was just like the brothers. I was trying to obtain a job, or trying to obtain the brass plates, and I was going about it using my own wisdom, using my own understanding, and using my own skills, my own knowledge.”

As he read, he realized that it was not until Nephi followed the Spirit that they were able to get the plates. The angel told Nephi to try one more time. Ben thought about how it could apply to his job search. “It was then that I said, ‘You know, what’s it going to hurt?’ ”

It was at this point that Ben decided to attend the Career Workshop and networking groups at the employment resource center to see if they could help him.

At the workshop, He transformed his three-page résumé into one page, developed a “Me in 30 Seconds” statement, and developed power statements.

He got an interview with a company, a follow-up interview four days later, and two more interviews with the company a week after that. Four weeks after the interview process began with the company, Ben started working again.

In the same way that the Lord led Nephi to obtain the brass plates, Ben felt the Spirit led him to the employment resource center where he learned more about job seeking so he could get a job.


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