Kay's Story: The Confidence to Find a Job

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When Kay’s husband passed away, she was left with four children to support: two married daughters, a college-age son, and an adult daughter with special needs.

For a time she worked as a secretary to help support her family, but after several ethical dilemmas at work, she felt she had to quit her job.

Initially she felt good about her decision, but the morning after she quit she woke up distressed, thinking about how her unemployment might affect her family. All she could think about were her responsibilities as a 58-year-old widow to care for her children and herself.

“I was in a really scary place,” Kay said. “I thought, ‘Oh, what have I done? I don’t have a job. How am I going to support my family?’ ”

Over the weekend, she thought about her options. One of the things she considered was making a visit to the Utah Layton employment center to learn about its resources.

“I quit on Friday and called the employment center on Monday,” Kay said.

When she called, she learned about the Career Workshop and signed up to attend one the following day. In all of her previous jobs, employers had simply offered Kay a job without her having to write a résumé. Now she needed one to give to prospective employers. At the workshop, she learned how to write an effective résumé. Once she was done with the workshop, the center missionaries helped her to prepare her résumé.

“It helped me see that I had skills that I didn’t realize I had,” Kay said.

In addition to helping with her résumé, the workshop also helped to increase her confidence. After quitting her job, Kay had felt a lack of confidence and felt too old to be looking for a job. In the workshop, Kay wrote down positive statements about herself.

“I went to the class. I loved it,” Kay said. “It really helped with my self-esteem in a time that I was really feeling down and worried.”

Within about two and a half weeks of attending the workshop, Kay received two part-time job offers on the same day. She decided to take one of the part-time positions.

“I was so grateful that the Church had the employment center because that’s where I turned and that’s where I got help because I was panicked,” Kay said. “They gave me the confidence I needed to go out and find a job.”

Kay’s goal is to continue looking for a full-time job, using the confidence she gained from the workshop.


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