Bundy's Story: Unexpected Success

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While working as a Church service missionary for the Employment Resource Center in Ogden, Utah, Doug Bundy was encouraged to create his own profile on the ldsjobs.org website so that he could better assist others in their job search. He never expected to find a job for himself.

“They asked all of the volunteers to familiarize themselves with the website by acting as if they were candidates looking for jobs,” Doug explained. Before retiring, he had worked as an avionics technician and as a program analyst. Working in these positions helped Doug acquire an extensive knowledge of computers and electronics. As a part of his profile, Doug wrote a “Me in 30 Seconds” statement, as well as power statements, which highlighted his past accomplishments and acquired skills. He also listed his long-term career goal and his action plan for accomplishing that goal.

Doug filled out the information in his profile until it was more than 90 percent complete, which allowed employers to search his profile. Since he was retired, he never expected or planned on an employer contacting him. In Doug’s words, “Before I knew it, I had a message in my mailbox from a tax software company saying they had a job they wanted me to interview for.”

The five-month, seasonal job sounded interesting and was in his area of expertise, but Doug was already committed to his assignment as a Church service missionary. After talking to his stake president about some options, they decided that Doug should apply for the job, and if he was accepted, he would take a temporary leave of absence from his mission. Doug interviewed and was offered the position.

After his contract with the tax software company ended, Doug returned to the employment resource center to complete his mission. His experience helped him gain a greater understanding of the benefits the website offers to companies in identifying and contacting eligible candidates. During the remaining months of his mission, Doug worked tirelessly to help candidates develop impressive profiles that would draw the interest of prospective employers.


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