What to Expect When Visiting an Employment Center

Whether you want help finding a job, gaining additional skills, or starting a business, those who work in the employment center will be able to help you.

Employment centers are located in meetinghouses, Church-owned facilities, or office buildings and are overseen by professionals who are experts in the field of career management. Full-time senior missionaries and part-time Church-service missionaries are called as employment advisers to serve in the centers. Employment advisers are trained to assist people with their employment, education, or small-business management needs. Regardless of where the center is located, you can expect to have a similar experience. Even if an employment center isn’t close enough for you to go in person, the staff is willing to assist you over the phone or through e-mail. 

Warm Welcome

When you first arrive at an employment center, you will be greeted by a friendly missionary who is there to help you find your way through the initial registration process. Whether you want help finding a job, gaining additional skills, or starting a business, those who work in the employment center will be able to help you. Regardless of whether you are just starting out in your career or are a seasoned professional, the staff can direct you to information and resources to meet your needs.

Develop a Plan

You will be invited to meet one-on-one with an employment adviser, who will ask about your skills, abilities, and needs. Be sure to share with the adviser any particular interests or challenges you may have regarding your employment. Your adviser will assist you in creating a simple plan to help you reach your immediate career goals. He or she will also provide you with information and resources that may address many of your needs, including job leads, effective job search techniques, résumé or curriculum vitae writing, networking opportunities, school programs, financial aid, or information about small-business management. There may be times when the needs of your career require a more in-depth plan. In that case an employment adviser will work with you to develop your plan and identify how your priesthood and Relief Society leaders can help you achieve your long-term career goals.

Workshops and Other Events

The missionaries who serve as employment advisers will invite you to participate in workshops and meetings that are hosted by the center. These include the Career Workshop, the Self-Employment Workshop, the Professional Placement Program, networking meetings, and other scheduled events such as career fairs. Participating in these workshops and events will help you to be successful in achieving your career goals. Those who take advantage of these resources and apply what they learn are able to shorten the time they spend looking for a job or increase the likelihood they will be successful with their new business.

Additional Resources

In addition to receiving help from an employment adviser, you may want to take advantage of the computers, Internet access, fax and copy machines, and telephones that are available for you to use as you pursue your career goals.


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