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Les services d'aide à l'emploi de l'Église (LDS Jobs ou Emplois SDJ) vous aideront à trouver un emploi rémunéré par le biais de formations et grâce à un réseau de contacts avec les entreprises locales.Whether you are looking for a better job, interested in starting your own business, in need of education or training, or just need help managing your family budget or personal finances, Self-Reliance Services (SRS), formerly known as LDS Employment Resource Services, can help support you on your path to greater temporal and spiritual self-reliance. Contact your local bishop or self-reliance specialist and ask about attending an upcoming self-reliance devotional and joining a self-reliance group.

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You can also receive one-on-one assistance from your local self-reliance specialist or by visiting an LDS Employment Resource Center if available in your area.

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Introducing the MoneyCircle Toolkit

August 29, 2019
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Salt Lake City, UT Online

Introducing the MoneyCircle Toolkit on Thursday, August 29, 2019 (2-3:30 pm ET)

Join us for “Introducing the MoneyCircle Toolkit". This webinar will show financial educators how to use the Bureau’s new MoneyCircle Toolkit, a set of interactive exercises that helps clients understand how family and friends influence money decisions.  The Money Circle Toolkit can help identify money influences in the family; spot different money attitudes within a family; and highlight financial relationships the educator and client might not otherwise notice among immediate or extended family.

The presentation will explain the research and development behind the Toolkit, and walk through the details of how to use it with clients.  The webinar will also feature a Q&A session with financial educators who field-tested the Toolkit with their clients during a one-month pilot test. This webinar will feature Dr. Susan Kerbel of the CFPB, and Dr. Anna Jefferson of Abt Associates.

  • Dial-In:                888-455-1968 (You must use this dial-in to hear the audio.)
  • Participant Passcode:             1805599

To view the slide presentation, please click the URL link below: