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At LDS Employment Resource Services (LDS Jobs), we'll help you become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.Whether you are you looking for a better job, interested in starting your own business, in need of education or training, or just need help managing your family budget or personal finances, Self-Reliance Services (SRS), formally known as LDS Employment Resource Services, can help support you on your path to greater temporal and spiritual self-reliance. Contact your local bishop or the stake Self-Reliance specialist and ask about attending an upcoming Self-Reliance devotional and joining a Self-Reliance group. You can also receive one-on-one assistance by visiting a Self-Reliance Resource Center or LDS Employment Resource Center if available in your area.

Even if a center is not close enough for you to visit, we recommend that you log-in to and create your profile. On you will find many tools and tips to help you, including links to local employment, self-employment, and education resources.

Upcoming Events

Mini Business Plan workshop

January 19, 2018
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Cobb County Chamber of Commerce
240 Interstate North Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30339

This workshop focuses on the components of a successfulbusiness plan:

Clear, succinct writing style

Compelling business description

Importance of market research

Effective development of meaningful financial projections

Also included is an application for funding along with adiscussion of funding resources, both conventional and alternative.

The important aspects of starting and operating a businesswill be discussed along with applying financial data to the decisionprocesses. 

The program includes handouts that are valuable resources inwriting a successful business plan.

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Fee: $25

Develop an Import/Export Business

January 19, 2018
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
SBA Georgia District Office
233 Peachtree Street, NE 3rd Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303

This is one of our most popular workshops.  Don't miss out.

SCORE mentors and representatives from the local businesscommunity conduct a variety of regularly scheduled, low cost educationalworkshops that provide valuable information and techniques necessary forestablishing and managing a successful business.

Small businesses looking to increase sales and profit,reduce dependence on the domestic market and stabilize seasonal fluctuationsshould consider importing and exporting. With nearly 96 percent of consumers living outside the U.S. andtwo-thirds of the world's purchasing power in foreign countries, opportunitiesawait U.S. small business.

Go where the customers are. There is significant opportunityfor small businesses to profit through importing and exporting operations.

Do you have what it takes to become a successfulinternational business? Are you ready to make international sales? Importing /Exporting offers great opportunities but requires preparation and planning.

This is a two part series taught by international expertsfrom the Georgia Small Business Development Center, a resource partner of theSBA.

Each module is an independent learning experience.

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This is a two part series taught by international expertsfrom the Georgia Small Business Development Center, a resource partner of theSBA.

Each module is an independent learning experience.

Module I will aid you in assessing your readiness,understanding what you need to know and consider before pursuing aninternational strategy.

Module II will introduce you to those topics needed todevelop and implement your strategy: international pricing and costing issues,proforma export quotations, payment terms, and risk assessment.

The workshops will help you gain the knowledge to developand implement an international  plan. Youwill become acquainted with the key components of an effective import / exportplan.  The instructors will raisequestions you should answer to complete your plan and provide the resources tohelp you answer those questions.

    * organizationaland product readiness,

    * market research,

    * guidance fordeveloping your strategy and marketing plan,

    * promoting yourproducts in target market, and

    * complying withUS and foreign regulations.

Fee for Module  I is$50 per person and is taught 9:30am - 12:30pm

Fee for Module II is $50 per person and is taught 1:15pm-  4:30pm

Both modules can be attended as a full day event for a single Fee of $89 per person

Accounting for Non-Accountants

January 23, 2018
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
SBA District Office
233 Peachtree Street, NE
3rd Floor, Harris Tower
Atlanta, GA 30303

Learn the practical financial concepts and skills you needin order to make better management decisions!

 Your success inbusiness may well depend upon how well you can handle "thenumbers."  This seminar will helpyou gain valuable financial skills that will benefit you and your organization,such as:

·         How toprepare and focus quickly on the figures that matter most in your financialreports and projections,

·         How to avoidproblems and recognize opportunities that can impact your bottom line,

·         How to usebasic financial tools to measure results and plan for growth,

·         How toincrease your comfort level in working with financial facts and figures,

·         How topresent your ideas with a sound financial basis for greater impact andacceptance,

·         How to usethe numbers to help with strategic planning and decision-making,

This course will help executives, managers, and prospectivemanagers gain the financial skills that they need to prepare budgets, completereports, support funding proposals, and identify problems before they get outof hand.



General Assembly Web Developer Training

January 23, 2018
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Ponce City Market
675 Ponce De Leon Avenue NE, 2nd Floor
Atlanta, GA 30308

To code is to thrive in today’s digital world. From Barclaysto Slack, and Blue Apron to Zipcar, today’s high-growth industries need skilledcoders to build their digital presence using the newest programming languagesand techniques.

Learn to create, collaborate, and think like a developer inour full-time Web Development Immersive course. In 12 weeks, you’ll:

Gain hard, in-demand skills — like JavaScript and Rails — tobuild interactive websites, APIs, and data-driven apps.

Build a working portfolio to help you begin your job searchwith confidence.

Get access to personalized career coaching to not just landa new job, but start a promising career in programming.

RSVP to Info Session: [atlanta] WDI-all-companies-need-developers&utm_content=marketing

About This Info Session

Are you curious about General Assembly’s upcoming WebDevelopment Immersive Course? Of course you are. Whether you’re looking tocross-over into a role that requires you to know web programming, level up inyour existing role, or you’re curious about programming, join us and figure outif this immersive course is a fit for you.

During the upcoming information session you will:

Get an overview of the curriculum and course objectives

Meet the instructor, hear about his/her professionalexperience

Tour the General Assembly campus at Ponce City Market

Have the opportunity to ask our Admissions team questionsabout the student experience.

Discover the perks of being a student at GA

Preparing for the info session

The next scheduled cohort for the WDI program is 3/12. Ifyou are considering enrollment in this cohort, it is strongly advised tocontact the Admissions team prior to attending this event.


Kim Cordova, Admissions Producer

More guests coming soon!

Learn more about Web Development Immersive:

How to Start Your Business

January 25, 2018
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
SBA District Office
233 Peachtree Street NE 3rd floor
Atlanta, GA 30303

This introductory workshop focuses on the basics of testing your business idea and identifying the key factors that influence start-up success. Start-up Basics provides you with an overview of the skills and tools you need when deciding to start a business. In this module, you learn about: the advantages and disadvantages of owning a business, the most profitable form for your business, and the fundamentals of formation, organization, marketing, cash flow and funding sources.

Cost: $5


Code in One Day

February 3, 2018
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Ponce City Market
675 Ponce De Leon Avenue NE
2nd Floor
Atlanta, GA 30308

About This Event

HTML and CSS are the fundamental building blocks of the web.Whether you're a beginner who wants to get started in web development, adesigner looking to hand-code their concepts, or a marketer who wants a littlemore control over their CMS, you'll need to know HTML and CSS to get the jobdone.

This one-day workshop is the quickest way to get started.You'll dive head first into HTML and CSS, skill up with live coding exercises,and leave with a working web page to call your own.

What You’ll Take Away

Learn the fundamentals of web development by diving in toHTML and CSS.

Understand how browsers work to interpret your code andpresent your website.

Build your own basic web page from scratch.

Get familiar with freely available resources so you cancontinue on your coding journey.

REGISTER: [atlanta] CWE code-in-one-day&utm_content=marketing

Cost: $180