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No Centro de Autossuficiência SUD (LDS Jobs), vamos ajudá-lo a obter um trabalho remunerado por meio de aprendizado e das redes de contato com empresas locais.Quer você esteja apenas iniciando em sua carreira ou já bem estabelecido nela, os Centros de Autossuficiência (CA) podem ajudá-lo a alcançar suas metas profissionais. O centro de empregos ou centro de autossuficiência oferece treinamento individual, cursos e um grande banco de dados de oportunidades profissionais, educacionais e de negócio próprio. Ao visitar o centro de empregos, você aprenderá as práticas mais eficientes de procura de emprego, elaborará sua rede de contatos e encontrará recursos que o ajudarão a aumentar sua cultura ou a administrar um pequeno negócio bem sucedido.

Recomendamos que você acesse e comece a criar seu perfil no antes de visitar o centro de empregos. Mesmo que um centro de autossuficiência não seja muito próximo para que o visite, o site oferece muitos recursos online. Se desejar, um consultor de empregos também pode prover ajuda por telefone ou e-mail.

Próximos Eventos

Inside Scoop: Funding Your Business

April 25, 2018
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Atlanta Tech Park
107 Technology Parkway
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Are you ready to learn how to access capital to fuelbusiness growth; understand the different financial options available; and becomea better-educated and savvy borrower? Then you need to join us on April 25th!

At this workshop, you will learn how to fund your businessAND what drives funding success!

Anita Davis, the workshop presenter, will answer thefollowing questions:

How can I prepare to fund my business growth?

What are safe vs. dangerous funding solutions? they really want to approve business loans?

What are the key ratios I need to understand about commercialbank lending?

Why is your personal financial status critical to yourbusiness loan approval?

What are the "Good, Bad and Ugly" aspects ofinvoice financing and factoring?

What are the dangers of rapid business growth?

Are there good, alternative business funding solutions toconsider?

Fee: $25


Georgia get BusinessFit

April 25, 2018
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
SBA Georgia District Office
233 Peachtree Street NE Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30303

Presented by SBA

Most small-business owners spend themajority of their time working -- focusing exclusively on their business - withno back up plan.

If you are preparing for startup or readyto grow an existing business, having an action plan is essential to help youremain competitive and secure the financial future you work so hard to achieve.

Take care of all aspects of your business;add muscle to your marketing; tighten your budget; and secure benefits to makeyour business healthier.

Get BusinessFit:

Is Apprenticeship Right for you?

Earn business Incentives (wage supplements)to 'Hire and Maintain Employees'

Help local small businesses connect 'Talentwith Opportunity'

Are you eligible to receive a 'Grant Award'to provide On-the-Job-Training for your staff?

Get state's Federally-Funded Education& Training Programs for Small Business

Do you have a benefit plan/exit strategy tomeet retirement needs?

Get attractive benefits and advantages forboth you the Employer and Employees

Regardless of how you form your company asC corporation, an S corporation, an LLC, a partnership or a sole proprietorship-- you need to be covered. Evaluating how you spend your money and time, NOW,will impact the wealth generated for LONG-TERM lifestyle planning.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 from 10:30 AM to12:30 PM EDT

April 25, 2018 – REGISTER AT:

Accounting for Non-Accountants

April 27, 2018
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
SBA Georgia District Office
233 Peachtree Street, NE 3rd Floor
Harris Tower
Atlanta, GA 30303


Understanding Financial Statements"

Are you confused when you try to understand your financialstatements? Are

you able to make informed decisions based on the informationpresented?

Learn to read and analyze your:

--  Profit & LossStatements  --

--  BalanceSheets  --

--  Cash FlowStatements  --

Course designed for Business Owners and Managers!

FEE: $25


May 1 to May 3: National Small Business Week Virtual Conference

May 1 - 3, 2018
12:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Atlanta, GA 30303

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and SCORE will host a free, 3-Day Virtual Conference during National Small Business Week.

This online conference will take place Tuesday, May 1 –Thursday, May 3 between 12:30 pm ET - 6:30 pm ET each day. Registration is free to the public. Join this event to get practiced advice on current business strategies, meet other business owners, and chat with industry experts! The virtual conference offers all the best parts of an in-person conference, but without the hassle of traveling.

The conference will offer twelve educational webinars across all three days, one-on-one mentoring sessions, exhibitor booths, and networking chat rooms to provide the information you need to succeed as a small business owner.

The webinars include:

Grow Your Business in 2018

Sharing Your Story Through Video

Hug Your Haters: Howto Embrace Complaints & Keep Your Customers

How to Get New and Repeat Business On Autopilot with Email Marketing

How Changing Consumer Behavior Impacts Your Business

The U.S. Economic Outlook and Its Impact on Small Businesses

Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Financing

Pop & Play: How Opening a Pop-Up Shop Can Help Launch Your Retail Brand

​Creating and Sustaining a Strong Social Presence

​Addressing Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

Cybersecure Your Small Business

Managing Your Finances in the Cloud

In addition to these webinars, you can also visit exhibit booths and collect free resources from Facebook, UPS Store, Verizon, Sales force, Main Street Hub, Lockheed Martin, NAGGL, Raytheon, SBA and SCORE.

Here’s what attendees said about our last virtual conference:

"I have to say that was the best virtual conference I have ever attended. It was amazing, almost like going to a full-day conference.Minus the hassle of travel and staying at a hotel!"

"I was pleasantly surprised with the high quality of presentations. This has been a very fruitful afternoon online! Every presentation was wonderful. Thank you!"

"It's fun and exciting; there is a lot of informationto gain; it's easy to access from anywhere."

"This FREE conference is necessary to start or enlarge your business. The information received was worth thousands of dollars. Thank you!"

"This was my first time attending a virtual conference and I LOVED IT! This has been a very informal, helpful and fun experience.THANK YOU!"

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the mentors,companies, resources, and business owners to help your small business succeed.


Executive Certificate Program in Business Strategy: The Coles College Mini MBA

May 17, 2018
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
ROAM Perimeter
1151 Hammond Drive NE
Dunwoody, GA 30346

Are you ready to take your business expertise, and your career, to the next level? We can help you! The Michael J. Coles College of Business now offers an Executive Certificate Program in Business Strategy which the industry commonly refers to as a Mini MBA. The next program, held in the Sandy Springs area, starts on April 26th. There's still time to register!Program dates and topics are below.

Executive Certificate Program in Business Strategy: The Coles Mini MBA

April 26, 6-9 PM; Strategic Thinking: The Planning Process

May 24, 6-9 PM; Strategic Marketing: Growing Revenues in the Digital Age

June 21, 6-9 PM; Strategic Human Resources: Winning the War for Talent

July 26, 6-9 PM; Strategic Finance: Understanding the Language of Business

August 23, 6-9 PM; Strategic Business Models: Mastering the 9 Building Blocks

September 20, 6-9 PM; Strategic Data Analytics: Identifying and Leveraging Key Insights

October 25, 6-9 PM; Strategic Change: Building an Agile Organization

November 15, 6-9 PM; Strategic Innovation: Creating and Delivering New Value

December 20, 6-9 PM; Strategic Decision-Making: The Execution Phase

Bonus Feature: You will also have access to the Coles College's Leadership Excellence mobile-learning program. Over 300 high-quality leadership videos transported directly to your laptop, tablet or smart phone.Delivered on a mobile-learning platform using best practices in gamification and micro-learning.

Program Fee: The cost is $3,895 per person with discounts available to companies sending a team, non-profit organizations, military veterans and KSU alumni. Payment plans are available upon request.




Earn a new credential! Earn that next promotion!

At the end of the program, you earn an Executive Certificate in Business Strategy credential that you can add to your resume and Linked In profile! Please call me at 470-578-3685 if you have questions.

SBA Business Loan Requirements

May 23, 2018
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
U.S. Small Business Administration
233 Peachtree Street, NE - Suite 300
Peachtree Center / Harris Tower
Atlanta, GA 30303


One of the keys to a successful business start-up andexpansion is your ability to obtain and secure appropriate financing. To besuccessful in obtaining a loan, you must be prepared and organized. Thisworkshop will cover the SBA’s 7(a) loan program eligibility requirements andcredit criteria to accommodate a wide range of financing needs.

General information will be provided on the followingtopics:

· Sources and Uses of Funds

· The components of a completed business plan

· Financial Data

· Resumes of Principals

· Site Plan/Physical Description of Building/Land

· Terms and Conditions

· Preparation for discussion with the banker

· Ratios

· Fees associated with loan closing costs

· Shopping your Loan

· Credit Report