Tooele Utah Employment Resource Center

En los Servicios de Recursos de Empleo SUD (LDS Jobs) te ayudaremos a obtener un empleo remunerado a través de la formación académica y la red de contactos con empresas locales.Ya sea que esté empezando su carrera o que tenga vasta experiencia profesional, los Servicios de Recursos de Empleo (SRE) SUD o los Servicios de Autosuficiencia (SA) le ayudarán a alcanzar sus metas profesionales. El centro de empleo o de autosuficiencia ofrece asesoría individual, talleres y una extensa base de datos con oportunidades de empleo, formación académica y autoempleo. Al visitar un centro aprenderá las prácticas de búsqueda de empleo más eficaces, establecerá una red de contactos y encontrará recursos que le ayudarán a continuar sus estudios o a administrar una pequeña empresa con éxito.

Le recomendamos que inicie sesión y que empiece a crear su perfil en antes de visitar el centro de empleo. Si no hubiera un centro de empleo o de autosuficiencia cercano que le permita visitarlo, ofrece muchos recursos en línea. Si lo desea, un asesor de empleo también podrá ofrecerle asistencia por teléfono o por correo electrónico.

Próximos eventos

Career Workshop Employment Specialist Training

March 21, 2020
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Tooele Utah Employment Resource Center


This Career Workshop Employment Specialist Training is designed to aid Ward Employment Specialists (WES) in helping those under their Stewardship to find employment and/or to develop the skills they need to achieve their career objectives.

We will be instructing attendees how to utilize,as well as how to use other search engines to job search, helping to begin and start utilizing a network and teaching from The Career Workshop manual which covers four units:


This unit helps you evaluate your talents, interests, and values; set goals; and develop a plan to achieve those goals.  Individual plans can include goals for employment,education, or self-employment.


This unit helps you learn how to identify and develop there sources you need to reach your goals.  It teaches you how to find employment leads, educational and self-employment funding, and other community services.


This unit helps you learn how to communicate with the resources you identified.  It teaches you how to make powerful impressions in interviews and present yourself well in writing.


This unit teaches you how to negotiate, grow in your new position, and advance in our career.

We will also be working directly with and familiarizing Employment Specialists with, so that they will have a better understanding on how to effectively utilize this Web Site to aid in  and document important information for each Ward/Branch member they may be assisting to find employment.


LOCATION:  Tooele LDS Employment Resource Center, 1575 N 30 West, Tooele

WHEN:  Every 3rd Saturday starting February 15, 2020

TIME:   10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Candidates would need to schedule the date they would want to attend by calling the Tooele LDS Employment Resource Center at (435)882-8646 and be Registered in (at least 2% Complete) with a role of “Ward Employment Specialist” as assigned by authorized Ward, prior to the class.