Karie’s Story: Her Hobby Helped Her Succeed

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As Karie and her husband reached their late fifties, they realized that if they wanted to retire soon they would need to do something differently. They decided that the best option would be for Karie to go back to work. Although she quickly found a job, she was eventually laid off because the company couldn’t afford the extra staff. This pattern was repeated until Karie became discouraged about ever being able to find long-term employment.

During this time, Karie saw several of her fellow sisters stand up in Relief Society and ask everyone to keep their eyes open for a specific type of job opening. They had attended the Career Workshop, where they were encouraged to use their Church network to learn about jobs. Karie decided it was her turn to get help, so she signed up for the Career Workshop.

Prior to taking the course, Karie was confident that she would be a great asset to a company, but she wasn’t sure if she could make that clear to potential employers. The biggest help for Karie was the mock interview section of the course. Even though it was uncomfortable for her, she said, “It gave me a lot of confidence, because I knew that I could go out and do the interviews.” Through practice, Karie learned to talk about her work history in a positive way.

After taking the Career Workshop, Karie decided to utilize her network to find a job. She posted a Facebook status explaining that she was looking for a job and describing what she was looking for. She asked anyone who heard of a job lead to send her a message.  

Because she had written for a Michigan scrapbooking magazine, Karie had a lot of contacts in the scrapbooking industry. One of the editors of the magazine replied to Karie’s Facebook status and told her about an opening they’d heard about from a personnel director.

This personnel director was also the owner of a local scrapbooking store. Although Karie had never formally met her before, they were both aware of each other. And, luckily, Karie had a great reputation as a scrapbooking demonstrator in the area.

Karie applied for the position and got an interview. During the interview, the hiring manager asked for Karie’s customer service experience, and the personnel director was the one to guarantee Karie’s qualifications based on all the positive comments she had heard within the scrapbooking community.

When the hiring manager expressed concern that Karie had been laid off, she used the skills she learned in the Career Workshop to respond to her interviewer’s concerns and confirm that she was a stable candidate for the position. Ultimately, Karie was hired.

After all the previous disappointments, Karie found employment by following the principles of networking. And although she never anticipated that her scrapbooking hobby would help her find a job, it ended up being a crucial part of her success.


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