Yazmin's Story: Learning How to Enter a Changing Job Market

At LDS Employment Resource Services (LDS Jobs), we'll help you become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.

A year prior to graduating from law school, I thought I had everything figured out: I had a job that would lead to a potential associate attorney position, and I was to be married upon graduating. However, life had different plans. Due to the economic recession, firms were downsizing and jobs were scarce. Newly married and now jobless, my husband and I moved back in with my parents temporarily, and I began waitressing. Our son was born a year later, and I became a stay-at-home mom, with the intention of reentering the workforce once our son was old enough to attend preschool. 

When the time came for me to re-enter the work force I realized that things had changed in the job market, and even though I had the skills to obtain employment, I lacked the knowledge necessary to begin networking and searching for job opportunities. Furthermore, I had a three-year gap of unemployment to explain. I decided that in order for me to be competitive and successful in my job search, I needed to brush up on my skills. That’s when I turned to the LDSJobs.org website and signed up for the Career Workshop at my local employment resource center.

At the workshop I learned valuable information about networking, job search strategies, goal setting, interviewing, and drafting power statements. These skills would later be a key in securing employment. For a time I took part-time employment at the employment resource center as an account representative. During my time in that role I helped others in their job searches, and through that experience I learned more about what I needed to do to obtain employment in my desired field.

Reentering the work force after several years can be daunting, but through LDS Employment Resource Services I learned to seek spiritual guidance along with temporal guidance. Within a short period of time I was offered a job with a governmental agency and was able to continue where I left off. I am very grateful for the opportunities I was given and the training and mentoring I received at LDS Employment Resource Services. 


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