Scott’s Story: Refining Your Job Search

Scott needed a new job, and after working as an engineer for 12 years he was fairly confident he would be able to find one quickly. However, after two months of job searching he was getting more and more worried. He decided he should talk with his bishop, who referred him to the LDS employment resource center.

It was there that he met and worked with staff and Church-service missionaries who helped him keep his spirits up and learn new job-search skills. “The biggest change in going to the employment center,” said Scott, “was that I was better able to direct my energy and had people to talk with about my strategies for getting a job.”

When Scott attended the Accelerated Job Search (AJS) program, he was encouraged to identify resources, make contacts, and have face-to-face interactions every day. As he did this, he learned that most of the engineering jobs in his area were in the automotive industry. However, his work experience had been with the government. He spoke with colleagues in the field, and decided that in order to stay in government work he would have to expand his job search to areas of the country with more government jobs.

In addition to fine-tuning Scott’s search parameters, the employment center helped Scott make a good impression when he received a phone call from a prospective employer. Although he is an experienced engineer, sometimes Scott struggled to convey the message he wanted in an interview setting. Through the Career Workshop and the AJS program, he was able to practice talking about himself in a “Me in 30 Seconds” statement and power statements. This helped him clearly and confidently communicate important details about himself.

By following the 15-10-2 method that he learned in the AJS program, Scott was able to narrow his search to jobs that would be a good fit for his expertise, and through the training he received at the employment center, he was able to communicate his worth in the interview. Ultimately, Scott was offered a job in another state with a governmental agency. He says that the “LDS employment team did a wonderful job helping me get a job that I love doing, with people that I like working with.” 


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