Miguelina's Story: The Joy of Helping Others Find Jobs

When Miguelina meets with people looking for jobs, she tells them that the most important thing they can do is pray to Heavenly Father and ask Him for help in getting the job they need.

One time, she felt so impressed that things would work out for someone that she told him, “I know the Lord is going to bless you with a job.” She then set to work helping him with job searching and networking. A short time later, the man found new employment.

With a calling as stake employment specialist in the Dominican Republic, Miguelina has the chance to help people regularly.

“Whatever calling that helps you serve others is a special calling,” Miguelina said. “It not only helps us by serving others, but we also help others take care of needs in their own lives. This improves their lives and helps them live better. This is what I love most about it.”

Before being called as an employment specialist, however, Miguelina didn’t even know that the Church Employment Resource Services existed.  She had no idea what she was supposed to do in her calling. After receiving direction about the calling, she thought about what Heavenly Father would want her to do and prayed to know how she could help others.  She asked for her children and her husband to support her in her new calling. Placing her trust in the Lord, she decided that she was going to give this new calling her best.

 As she studied and learned, she discovered what she could do.  She decided to take the workshops the employment center offered so she could get a better idea of what people were learning.

She learned so much from the Career Workshop that now the first thing she tells those who come to her seeking employment help is to sign up for the Career Workshop.

She and her husband also decided to take the Self-Employment Workshop, and after discussing the possibilities available to them, they started their own business, which they run together.

Because of her successful experience with the workshops, Miguelina helps motivate others to take the workshops. Then she helps or counsels them in looking for job openings, better education opportunities, or small-business opportunities. She helps people in her stake find short training classes to give them the skills they need to find better jobs. She looks over their résumés and practices interviewing with them. Miguelina helps people in all areas of life from practical advice to motivation.

“I help get the person excited and motivate them, telling them they can get the job they want and that the Lord can bless them,” Miguelina said.

The key to her success as an employment specialist is her reliance on the Lord and her belief that she can help people.

“Her love and dedication to the work have contributed to a better quality of life for many members of her stake, thanks to her faith and belief in self-reliance,” said Lisette Villalona, area manager of the Dominican Republic employment center. “She has made a difference that can only be achieved through obedience and love for her neighbor.”

Miguelina believes that as long as she does all that she can do in her calling, the Lord will bless those she helps. And she believes the greatest blessing of all is that the people can have happier lives.


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