Julianne’s Story: Transitioning from the Classroom to the Workforce

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Julianne was a very successful student in her broadcast communications program, but like many other students approaching graduation, she wasn’t sure what her next step was. Should she continue in the television industry, or should she go down a different career path?

As she was trying to answer this question, her father suggested that she attend the Career Workshop, having used it himself when looking for a job. At first she didn’t think it could teach her anything new, but after several suggestions she followed her father’s advice and signed up.

After taking the course, Julianne felt that it not only gave her important tools to find a job but also helped her determine what her strengths were and pinpoint what she wanted to do. She said, “That was really crucial because I wanted to make sure that if I was going to launch into a career, that I was serious about it.”

Through her experience in the Career Workshop, Julianne decided to pursue job opportunities in the marketing field. She commented that by defining what she wanted to do, she was able to perform better in interviews because she knew they were the types of jobs she wanted.

In addition to helping Julianne define a specific career path, the Career Workshop also helped her market herself as a competitive candidate. She said of the workshop, “They help you map out your experiences, achievements, qualities and skills. And then you create power statements. And so I was able to craft selling points about why I’d be good at a certain position.”

These power statements became a core part of her job search. She said, “As I was searching through many different roles and types of jobs, I found one where I would be able to use those power statements effectively.”

With the skills she gained at the Career Workshop, Julianne was able to redefine her career path and gain the tools to find a fulfilling job in her new field. She continually encourages her peers who are also making important career decisions and transitioning between education and work to take advantage of the workshop. “I can’t believe I didn’t come to the workshop sooner,” she said.


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